Hanna Kiel - Chasing the Path, March 2018

Chasing the Path is a 60-minute quartet that investigates the beauty and pain of memory. Choreographer Hanna Kiel taps into her personal experience of loss, asking how we move into the present, while still feeling pain from the past. Dancers Luke Garwood, Kelly Shaw, Ryan Lee and David Norsworthy seek to connect experience, memory and life choices that make us who we are today.

As the designated photographer, I was in charger of art directing for the concept photoshoot and dance photography at the rehearsals and event. Rehearsal | Dance Review

2018-12-17 12_43_49-Repertoire - Alias Dance Project.jpg

Alias Dance - “Through Your Eyes”, Feb 2017

Alias Dance Project is celebrating 10 years of thinking (and dancing) out of the box with a double bill of world premières this weekend in the Distillery Historic District.

Titled 'through your eyes', the dance showcase features two works, both roughly 30 minutes in length.

My role in this flagship performance for dance and choreography photography for digital publication and documentation. My photo work is featured at the following links. Feature | Gallery | Publication